Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween Witches Broom

I never thought I'd make a broom... But since I saw one on Pinterest I knew I'd make one for my Secret Spook at work. I've been looking for inexpensive materials to make it. I looked at Hobby Lobby and Michaels and didn't find anything that would work that was inexpensive...I finally decided on the cinnamon brooms found at Dollar General!! Below is my supply list...

Halloween Witches Broom Supplies
2 Cinnamon brooms
stick or dowel for handle
wire cutters
glue gun

I found a nice stick out in our wood pile that was perfectly crooked. I scrapped off all the bark using the saw I used to cut if off the larger branch. I then used my orbital sander to sand it smooth. I trimmed the cinnamon brooms to the length that would work best with the length of stick I prepared for the handle. Placing one broom and each side of the bottom of the handle...I spread the broom out so that it went completely around the bottom of the handle. I then used wire wrapped tightly in 2 places. I used the wire cutters and pliers to get the wire as tight as I could.

I then used twine to wrap the broom to hide the wire. Tied a bow and added the tag that reads "Your New Ride"

If you don't want to make one... I will make one for you... for a price of course!!


  1. Cute!!!! drill a hole at the top of the stick, so it can be hung by/on the door too.

  2. ...good idea... so good in fact that now I will have a part 2 to this project... :) Thanks for the inspiration!!