Thursday, October 27, 2011

CHALLENGE: no faces allowed

For this challenge you couldn't use a picture of a face. I took this picture a few weeks ago on my way to work with my iPhone... I love it.... the mist and the sunrise were so cool!! I used 2 new techniques I learned during Sunday speed scrap... the first technique was to do type a word and put use a photo to fill it in... and the second technique is selective color... I could have done it using photoshop but with My Memories suite... It went lickity split.... :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

KISS... Keep it Simple Silly...

I have been working on making elaborate clusters to set of or frame a picture... But this picture of Dean just needed to be simple... Half the stuff I put on there I deleted... Finally I figured out it just needed to BE the PICTURE and no distractions from it... Dean is the star of the page... not my design techniques... and I have to say... I am very happy with the results...

Challenge: Text Wrap

software: My Memories Suite v2
kit used: Moments of Everyday by Lindsey Jane