Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paper Magnolia

I am on a flower creating kick... this evening I created a paper magnolia. I have a few more paper flower ideas blooming in my head...but right now I am too tired to be creative.... I am going to get it up loaded then I am going to get my hind end into bed...

Paper Magnolia SCAL file


  1. What lovely flowers. Thanks for sharing the files.

  2. Meggers, I love the flower so I downloaded the scut2 file but all I see in SCAL are 3 leaves...no petals? Can you fix it so I can see all the pieces?


  3. I create in pages... so you can easily cut them out in colors... :o)

  4. Loved both the daisy and the magnolia. Thank you for blogging and sharing! Jeanette